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Route 60 Music believes music and musicians make the world a better place. From the start the plan was to have the ability to help create not only music but musicians. With that in mind we now feature 10 lesson studios in operation 6 days a week. Instruction is offered on guitar, bass, piano, drums, mandolin, violin, banjo and voice. Enrollment is currently between 350 and 400 students. Lessons are very reasonably priced and offer experienced instructors with real world musical experience. We have found that different individuals want different things from their instruction. Some students want to learn to read music, others just want to play music, some might just want to strum chords and sing songs so we typically structure lessons around what the student wants to accomplish on their instrument. Good teachers make learning music fun and we are very proud of our instructors.

Please call or come see us if you have an interest in learning to play!

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At 'Route 60 Music,' you'll experience a personalized touch from knowledgeable staff who are passionate about music. Unlike online stores, we can provide expert recommendations and guidance to help you find the perfect instrument or equipment.

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Repairs and Maintenance:

'Route 60 Music' offers reliable repair and maintenance services, ensuring your instruments stay in excellent condition. We'll take care of your musical gear, so you can focus on creating beautiful music.

Building Connections:

Connect with fellow music enthusiasts and professionals by visiting our store. Share experiences, tips, and inspiration, fostering a sense of belonging within the local music community.


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