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Used Gear

Used Gear….There is usually a selection of used gear in the shop as well. We buy and trade instruments in addition to selling them and we are always looking for good clean instruments at reasonable prices. Our used selection rotates fast as we always offer great deals on these items. Check back regularly to see what we might have.
Acoustic amplifiers are basically amps designed to amplifiy instruments such as acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, violins, cellos, dulcimers, acoustic bass and the human voice. The typically are somewhat portable and are often characterized as a portable PA system. The usually have a channel for an instrument and a channel for a microphone and make a great convenient way to amplify about anything.  We stock Roland, Fender, Fishman and Vox acoustic amps.

Electric guitar amplifiers come in practice, combo, and head/cabinet configurations.  Todays practice amps are amazing in the ability to add effects and great sound at very affordable prices. The slightly larger versions of these are called combo amps and usually feature a 15-100 watt amplifier paired with a speaker or speakers in single unit. Head /Cabinet combinations are typically called stacks and have a separate amplifier and speaker cabinet that are tied together via a speaker cable.  They are usually a bit cumbersome to move but provide high volume in rock and roll situations.  Electric amps also come in two main designs: vacuum tube and solid state.

Why Buy Local at 'Route 60 Music Company' vs Online Music Stores?

Support local music, and make 'Route 60 Music' your go-to destination for all your musical needs. Together, we can keep the music alive in our community. Shop local today!

Personalized Service:

At 'Route 60 Music,' you'll experience a personalized touch from knowledgeable staff who are passionate about music. Unlike online stores, we can provide expert recommendations and guidance to help you find the perfect instrument or equipment.

Try Before You Buy:

Visit our store and test out the instruments before making a purchase. Get a hands-on experience to ensure you're getting the best product that suits your needs and preferences.

Community Impact:

By choosing to buy local, you support the growth of the local music scene and help maintain a vibrant musical community. Your purchase directly contributes to the well-being of our local economy.

Faster Access:

Don't wait for days to receive your order. When you buy from us, you can take your purchase home immediately and start playing or practicing right away.

Exclusive Deals:

Enjoy special in-store promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs available only to our valued local customers. These perks are unavailable at online music stores.

Repairs and Maintenance:

'Route 60 Music' offers reliable repair and maintenance services, ensuring your instruments stay in excellent condition. We'll take care of your musical gear, so you can focus on creating beautiful music.

Building Connections:

Connect with fellow music enthusiasts and professionals by visiting our store. Share experiences, tips, and inspiration, fostering a sense of belonging within the local music community.


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